What's New? What's Not? Where to find the information you need to stay up to date with the latest in Diesel News the very same way we do here at DieselRadio.com.

The Top Spots

So, we don't have a thousand writers on staff that travel around the globe finding news as it happens, but we have the next best thing, others that do it for us. So here are the best sites we've found to stay on top of the latest news that pertains to the Diesel industry. The first, Diesel Technology Forum offers the latest news, information, and even a fuel savings calculator. Next, we have Diesel Forcast, this site offers posts in a blog like layout that you can read for random bits of information. Lastly, for this month we offer up the online version of Diesel Power Magazine this site is obviously for any enthusiast who likes to improve on what they have.

Other Web Sites of Interest

These sites don't always have news related to Diesel but most often just automotive news in general. However sometimes this news does relate to the Diesel industry and could show new trends that could be important to the Diesel industry itself. Our first site here, Well it's called Automotive News (catchy name, huh) these guys offer news from a global standpoint and are good to take a look at from time to time. Next, Popular Mechanics (sound familiar?) this site has a lot to offer but still shows up to date news as it is related the auto industry. Lastly for this month, these guys offer the same information as the other two but it's always good to have choices, Freep.com.

The News From Our Pond

Guest Tom Novak, Director of Aftermarket Sales For the Robert Bosch Corporation talks to us about the future of the Diesel Industry in this Two part series. Listen to Part One Now on our shows page.

Diesel Radio is expanding it's services to blogging, that's right blogging. This site however will remain objective and will not under any circumstances post it's opinions here, this site is for informational & entertainment purposes only so that anyone, no matter who, can feel comfortable being on our web site. But, for those that want a more opinionative answer to the latest happening in the market of the Diesel industry feel free to vist our web blog here on tumblr.com. If you are looking for something a little different and are just wanting to spend your time congregating with those in the industry on our forum, check that out here.

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