Who, What, When, Where, Why. This is the history of Diesel Radio, from the beginning to future and what you can expect from Diesel Radio and it's creators.

Where it started.

With today's microelectronics and advanced machine tool capabilities, the Diesel engine is maturing at a very rapid rate. It can run as cleanly as a gasoline engine and operate just about as quietly, except it gets about 40% better fuel economy, produces less green house effect into the environment, and the engine lasts much longer. The amazing thing is many consumers are still unaware of these facts and that is why Diesel radio exists.

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Where it's going from here.

Diesel Radio's talk-show format will continue to bring industry experts in for interviews about the latest advancements in products, technology, and what it means for Diesel consumers. Each previous show is listed in our library, you can also find more information on upcoming shows and what you can do to participate in them.

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The Building of a Brand.

Diesel Radio began with Diesel enthusiast Jay K. Miller (author of the book Turbo) when he felt the need to help educate people on the Diesel engine.

Things have changed since the days of black smoke rolling out of heavy duty trucks going down the highway. With cleaner emissions now than most gas engines, Diesel products are being purchased more and more by consumers looking for different everyday drivers. That's why Diesel Radio is here, whether you are a new consumer looking for information, or a Diesel mechanic covered in grease looking to kill some time Diesel Radio doesn't only look to inform but entertain as well. We even provide other links to shows similar to ours but are broadcast and some even podcast everyday. Check them out here!

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